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On this blog, you will find actionable tips combining nutrition expertise, fitness guidance, and mindset coaching, leaving you empowered to make informed choices, develop healthier habits, and achieve long-lasting results.

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Mindset Matters – Exploring How Your Mindset Shapes Your Journey to Success

Unlocking true wellness requires an authentic and realistic approach. A growth mindset empowers you to do just that, by setting visionary yet achievable goals and embracing challenges with a motivating spirit. At Coach Lil Fitness, we’ll be your partner in fostering this empowering mindset. Let’s delve into the tools that will empower you to shift […]

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RICE method is outdated & de-cluttering tips

Weekend Kickback 1 Welcome to your first ever Weekend Kickback blog!  Today you’ll hear the current research on sports related injury protocols & receive your first 15 minute relaxation assignment. The RICE method is outdated Did you know that the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) protocol is no longer recommended for most injuries? Drawing from […]

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healthy Cottage Cheese & Cucumber Toast

Cottage Cheese & Cucumber Toast

How to make Cottage Cheese and Cucumber Toast    

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Lazy Girl Workout

Lazy Girl Workout This quick workout alternates between isometic (exercises where you don’t move) and isotonic (dynamic movements) training. Do these 4 exercises 3 times and BOOM, you have a complete total body workout that you can do while on your phone!  1.Plank Hold a low plank position on your elbows for up to one […]

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