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I’m sure you’ve tried several mainstream diets only to gain the weight right back...

and probably more.

Isn’t it time to try a sustainable program for long-term results that gives you the flexibility to include all of the things you love?

It’s time to break the cycle of endless dieting and quick fix programs.

A few modifications to your habits & approach could be all that's needed to kickstart the healthy lifestyle you’ve been envisioning for years. 

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I’ve tried the quick-fix programs, the incredibly strict, hardcore, no flexibility plans that guarantee quick results.

I promise you this, those results NEVER lasted.

Once I learned how to fuel my body properly & let myself enjoy ‘guilty pleasures’, breaking the all-or-nothing mentality, I became much happier and more confident with a consistently active routine.  I can’t wait to help you get there too!

my coaching journey

Coaching is in my blood. 

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my coaching journey

I’ve been a coach ever since I was in high school, leading several competitive cheer teams to be ranked at a national level.

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certified personal trainer

When I was in my 20s I decided to make this my career and become a certified personal trainer. 

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certified Nutrition coach

I felt it was important for me to have an elevated knowledge of nutrition as well so shortly after I completed a certification to become a nutrition coach. 

I am constantly expanding my knowledge and evolving to empower & uplift my community

My Certifications

certified Personal Trainer

American College of Sports Medicine

certified Nutrition coach

pn1 - Precision Nutrition

my passion

To help women over 30 shed unwanted pounds, skyrocket their energy levels, and experience a renewed sense of well-being.  

I'm Currently Learning

My newest venture is getting certified in sleep, recovery, and stress management.

I had zero confidence when it came to running, never the less, I embarked on a training journey, and discovered an exhilarating love for wellness that transformed my life.

I never thought I would be able to run a long distance.  I never considered myself a ‘runner’ but always thought it would be an amazing accomplishment to complete a marathon.  And one day at 33 years old I was tired of saying ‘I can’t do that’ and signed up for my first full marathon!

Since then, I started a journey to run a half marathon in every single state by the time I’m 50. With 1 full marathon & 9 half marathons under my belt, I can definitely help you get started on your running journey.  The feeling you get after crossing that finish line is like nothing else.

Be careful, you may get hooked like I did! 

I was tired of feeling sluggish, weak, and uncomfortable in my own skin.

When I first started working as a personal trainer, I loved being able to educate my clients with science-based facts on fitness & nutrition.  Now I realize that my true passion is helping women change the way they think about their health and seeing that they don’t have to sacrifice the things they love in order to live a confident & healthy lifestyle.

coach lil fitness trainer for women in their mid 30s

When I’m Not creating my newest workout you can find me...

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Vacationing at Disney

I even worked at Disneyland for 4 years right after high school.  Now I use every excuse I can to get back into the parks.

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Flipping our Newest Property

My husband and I are AirBnB owners and DIYers.  We’ve remodeled 3 houses now and are itching for another project. 

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Catching up on Bravo!

I am a reality junkie!  The best way for me to veg out is with a soft blanket on the couch and real housewives.

Sound familiar?

I used to think I had to give up all delicious foods and kill myself at the gym to be happy with my body.

Let's change the way you think about your goals and take the slow, sustainable, enjoyable, approach on your wellness journey. 

Let's change the way you think about your goals and take the slow, sustainable, enjoyable, approach on your wellness journey.