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As a professional fitness coach for women for over a decade, 

I’ve seen and tried it all

My passion is to guide women toward adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that promotes long-term well-being.

Instead of eating bland foods & following workouts that you aren't even sure are working, you could be living a more balanced lifestyle with room for everything!

Instead of eating bland foods & following workouts that you aren't even sure are working, you could be living a more balanced lifestyle with room for everything!

Transform your life and unlock your full potential. 

I specialize in helping women over 30 to shed unwanted pounds, skyrocket their energy levels, and experience a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.

As an expert in the field, I am delighted to offer a variety of programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and unlock your true potential.  Whether you’re looking to shed unwanted pounds, improve your cardiovascular health, or simply get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, my personalized programs' will set you on a path to success.

So why wait? Let’s embark on a transformative journey together.

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Seasonal Transformations Program

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5 Week Glow
Up Challenge

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Seasonal Transformations Program

Seasonal Transformations is a quarterly fitness & nutrition program that’s tailored to bring out your personal best with each season. The goal of Seasonal Transformations is to teach you sustainable habits for long-term change.  We also work on mindset with interactive worksheets and science-based articles.

This 9-week session follows a home workout training plan on my training app, coupled with rotating meal suggestions from my recipe books that pair well based on the time of year. Your program is broken out into three different 3-week phases with a different focus for each.

Running plans for beginner & intermediate runners

Do you have dreams of finishing a 5k, 10k, or, better yet, a Half marathon?  EVERYONE IS A RUNNER.  I provide personalized running plans based on the race you have in mind while meeting you where you’re at.

There's no one size fits all running program, which is why my plans include several personalized touch points throughout your plan to make adjustments as necessary.  Let's get you that medal!

running plans for begginer and intermediate runners by coach lil

5 Week Glow Up Challenge

This program is designed for the person who wants a BIG change in only 5 weeks. It is for the more intermediate gym goer who is feeling stuck or getting ready for a specific event.  You need great discipline and drive to finish this program, but you WILL be incredibly proud of yourself when you do.

The hardest part is getting back on the horse.

Download the 7 day FitReset

I won’t lie, this is not easy, but it is a good kick in the rear to get moving again. 

Most clients tend to lose about 3-5 pounds after this week.  PLEASE know that this is not necessarily FAT pounds.  You will mostly be losing water weight from excess inflammation and bloat in your body. If you can complete this challenge, you are ready for serious, long-term change.

The 7 day Reset is the perfect guide if you just don’t know where to start.  I provide you with a grocery list, recipe guide, and daily goals to hit. Stop putting it off until ‘next week’ or ‘after this event’ and start looking forward to the new and improved version of yourself that awaits at the end of this journey.

Ready to Jumpstart your new lifestyle?

Hi, I’m Coach Lil!

I empower women 30+ to apply sustainable healthy habits so they can stay active, feel better, and achieve that permanent weight loss once and for all.

I’m not the naturally thin, 6-day-a-week gym rat, typical personal trainer you see online.  I have struggled with my weight since I was a teen. I’ve done quick-fix programs, elimination-type diets, lost weight fast, and gained weight fast.  I’ve tried it all so you don’t have to. I need balance in my life, and so do you. Through my struggles and education I’ve learned how to shift my mindset ever so slightly that I can now live a healthy & active lifestyle without giving up little pleasures in life.

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This program made me feel like a stronger version of myself. 

“This program made me feel like a stronger version of myself.  After having a baby almost a year ago, I hadn't done much for me. This program not only helped me get in shape but also helped me fight to do something for myself.”